My List Contains 100+ FREE Minecraft Premium Accounts!

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    I made this website to give people, that don’t own a Premium Account, the opportunity to play Minecraft with their friends by giving away free Minecraft premium accounts. The Premium Accounts are compliled in a downloadable list that is updated regularly, the only thing I want to ask you is to NOT change the passwords of the Premium accounts, as it would be unfair for other players who want to use the account after you have finished playing but you are free to use the account as long as you like!

    Enjoy Playing Minecraft,

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    • THX!!!! I LUV U FOR THIS!!!!

      Kyle O.


      Shawn P.

    • The Minecraft Premium Accounts on that list are really working!

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      Derek B.

    • Thank you so much! My own Minecraft account got hacked, so I was looking for an account I could play with this weekend and pretty much every premium account on that list does work!

      Colton S.

    • Wow, this is the first Minecraft Premium Account list I downloaded that has actually working accounts inside! Thumbs up!

      Timmy C.

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